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The Unlimited Possibilities System

This easy to use system gives Teachers Instant Leverage, Respect and Power

Explore this Unique Grade 8-12 Educational Resource.

A Cost-Effective and Flexible Approach that Can Be Used Separately or Within the Borders of a Class Curriculum or Program.

“I would highly recommend The Unlimited Possibilities System to anyone who truly cares about the future of our youth and our nation.”

Eleanor Coleman

Principal, Minneapolis MN

Teacher and Student Benefits

  • Establish classroom/group focus, motivation and interest.
  • Build a heathy climate for your classroom, school or organization
  • Put together quick and highly effective lesson plans and groups
  • Reduce the anxiety and conflict of multicultural teaching
  • Enhance student desire for learning
  • Help students learn complex concepts and skills that give instant results
  • Support Student development of problem-solving skills, while removing a victim mentality
  • Help students rise above the negative programming from home and community
  • Assist students in fostering coping skills to rise above adversity
  • Stimulate student development of self and self-worth

Students while learn the 9 Paramount Competencies for Successful Learning & Living

In our ever-changing world, it becomes increasingly difficult to predict how things will be in the future. With the rapid change of technology, a global economy, and increased of diversity, change is really the only guarantee about the future. In order to prepare students to excel (and often to merely survive) in the new world, a unique approach to learning and living is crucial. The Unlimited Possibilities System covers these fundamental skills. The backbone of the system incorporates 9 paramount competencies that are imperative for a successful future and healthy, productive learning and living.

  1. Self-reliance & Self-responsibility
  2. A Strong work Ethic ( goals and Focus)
  3. Healthy, Productive Relationships & respect for others
  4. Self-confidence & Self-worth
  5. Creativity, Imagination & Open Mind
  6. Self-Awareness, Emotional Control ( Self-Mastery)
  7. Lifelong Learning( quickly and effectively adapting to change)
  8. Healthy interactions in diversity ( relax and positive in multicultural environments)
  9. Positive Attitude is everything ( The power of thoughts and self-talk)

As educators, often for reasons out of our control, we overlook these 9 competencies and do not give them the attention that is needed. However, human history shows us it is 100% guaranteed that these 9 paramount skills will be needed for creating a successful future. In this compelling curriculum system, you will receive in-depth information, tools and strategies that encompass these all-important skills. This breakthrough system is a best friend to teachers, counselors, mentors, parents and students alike. It gives you volumes of the essential elements for successful learning and living.

Creative Solutions for Today’s Problems

The Unlimited Possibilities System is invaluable, helping accelerate a student’s ability to learn and sustain enthusiasm for lifelong learning and productive, healthy living. The mind has virtually an inexhaustible capacity to learn. Yet, in many students – whether high achievers or youth at risk – misinformation, fear, self-doubt and umbrage besiege the mind, destroying the phenomenal potential of the human mind. This leads to wasted potential and lethargic, self-destructive behavior. The results include absenteeism, dropout, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, lack of motivation and self-responsibility, disruptive behavior, violence/gang violence, bullying, disregard for others and irresponsible decision making. The lessons, strategies and tools of this valuable curriculum help massively combat these problems. The Unlimited Possibilities System has been designed from a grassroots effort of over 20 years of hands-on research and working with youth and young adults from all walks of life. This is not your run-of-the-mill, feel-good curriculum. These are proven strategies and tools that get participants taking action right away. It hits at the core of the problems, helping students access their learning and living potential.

Cultivating Harmony & Excellence – $350

Teacher’s Instructional Manual

As the foundation of the course, this 289 page 3-ring bound manual serves as the essential driving force behind the student workbook. It gives the teacher and/or staff step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a class or group lesson for each section of The Unlimited Possibilities Student Workbook. It gives the facilitator a host of tools to get the student buy in for The Unlimited Possibilities Workbook. Full of easy-to-use lesson plans, innovative activities, roleplays, discussions and worksheets that are designed to be used in unison with The Unlimited Possibilities Workbook, this manual also contains a comprehensive pre- and post-test on the curriculum. It is a powerful resource for anyone working with today’s youth.

The Unlimited Possibilities Student Workbook – $19.95

A 233-page, state-of-the-art workbook designed to appeal to young people. A powerful book that students won’t want to put down. Over eight weeks of powerful information, interesting, entertaining stories, innovative tools and exercises. Four weeks of personal development and four weeks of multicultural diversity competency.

“What a tremendous resource The Unlimited Possibilities System has become at our school. I have been using it in my 9th grade Social Studies class and have witnessed with my own eyes the difference in behavior and motivation of my students. I have watched students move from C’s to B’s and from B’s to A’s; they really start to care about learning again.”

Rob Schultz   

Social Studies Teacher

Harding High School, St. Paul, MN


The Unlimited Possibilities System has been implemented in classrooms around the country in numerous ways. Options include using this innovative course as a character education curriculum; in social studies or health; as a ninth-grade orientation class, career class or a credited course that stands on its own; as an after school program; as a leadership program for high-achieving students or for youth who are on probation or in juvenile corrections. It has unlimited possibilities! However you choose to use it, you will find that the curriculum helps youth create the highest version of themselves and become fully engaged and better prepared for their academic career and better able to transcend the obstacles and challenges of their personal and academic life.

What to Expect After Implementation

Immediate Outcomes

  • Value and Respect for the Course
  • New Interest and Focus for Learning
  • Opening of the Imagination and Potential
  • Increased Optimism and Purpose for Learning and Living

Short-Term Benefits

  • Improved Decision Making
  • Improved Performance and Confidence
  • Improved Relationships and Conflict Resolution
  • Healthy Multicultural Interactions

Long-Term Value

  • Increased Resiliency and Coping Skills
  • Respect for Self and Others
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Goals, Purpose, Daily Focus
  • Motivation/ Taking Action
  • Lifelong Learning and Growing

“Hooray” – that is all I can say when I think about Darin Green’s ultimate resource and educational reformation, Unlimited Possibilities. As an educator and administrator for almost ten years, I have finally found a resource that combines education, culture, personal empowerment, and citizenship all in one. The student workbook and teaching manual are stellar!

James L. Hill                                         Principal                                                                                                                                                                                                Ramsey Jr High School