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When Darin Green speaks at your event, your audience will feel it from their head to their toes!

 Performance Strategist Darin Green was born to motivate and empower others. Darin began speaking professionally after appearing as a guest on Oprah for his innovation at employing and motivating disenfranchised youth with his successful franchise. Oprah was so moved by Darin’s work that she suggested he write a book and share his wisdom and passion for empowering and motivating others. Darin did just that. Since that illuminating day, Darin has become one of our nation’s premier keynote speakers. As a performance expert and successful author, Darin’s passion, humor, and wisdom have brought tremendous value and entertainment to meetings and events around the world. His engaging presentations are consistently helping individuals and organizations overcome obstacles and self-imposed limitations and maintain the drive and passion for excellence.


Darin’s natural gift for connecting with audiences, skillful use of humor, solid content, and entertaining delivery style have catapulted Darin and his electrifying presentations into numerous Fortune 500 Companies, associations, and organizations throughout the world such as: Hewlett-Packard, Wachovia, Mall of America, U.S. Navy, Ford Motor Company, Northwest Airlines, 3M, FDIC, American Express, International Professional Management Association, Maine Human Resources Association, Choice Hotels, U.S. Army, Hillenbrand Industries, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Mississippi Hospital Association, General Mills, Harley-Davidson.


Darin Green is a highly dedicated, focused speaker and an expert at enhancing performance. Darin is like a success scientist; he is consistently researching to find the information that will help your organization and audience create the highest version of themselves. He consistently updates his presentations by integrating current findings in the latest research to ensure his material is relevant, timely, interesting and compelling.


Darin holds Bachelor of Philosophy degree. Darin Green has a diverse business background that includes sales, customer service, management and entertainment. From a young age, Darin has been a daring entrepreneur and business owner. Since the age of 21, Darin has managed employees, motivated sales teams, and supervised marketing and advertising personnel and telemarketing crews. Darin’s first major business venture was a partnership with multi-million dollar Jani-King franchise, leading his franchise to become the fastest growing in his region. Darin is a successful author. His books include Anything Is Possible, Stay In It, Path to The Unbreakable You Course, Weight-loss Power on The Go, Your Unlimited Possibilities, Cultivating Harmony & Excellence Teacher’s Classroom Manual (a life skills success course used in high schools across the country). Founder and Executive Editor of Dream Soldier Magazine (The Ultimate Magazine for Reaching Your Goals and Dreams), Darin is currently the founder and CEO of Darin Green Productions and Unbreakable Institute. Both companies are dedicated to helping individuals from all industries, communities and professions improve their performance and life.

Darin’s organizations are built upon the inescapable reality that people are the world’s most valuable resource. Darin has synthesized his impressive business and life experiences into presentations that motivate individuals to master and harness the power of their most valuable resource – themselves.


  • Darin suffers from severe dyslexia, yet he has written 6 books.
  • Darin once weighted over 300 pounds and stared in a national TV infomercial for one of his weight-loss products.
  • Darin dropped out of college to become the front man and lead singer of the funk rock band Laissez-Faire, which was a favorite on the college circuit and other venues. He went back to college to receive his undergraduate degree in philosophy.
  • Darin has written 50 songs.
  • Darin was a once a state champion in Tae-Kwon-Do.

Darin’s life experiences made Darin a quick study of life and taught him early on how to move from excuses to excellence. These experiences, along with a tremendous amount of hard work, years of research and a deep dedication and love for speaking and empowering others, will give your organization and event a premier keynote motivational speaker with a proven track record who will hit the target for you each and every time!


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